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We do what we love and we love to build extraordinary stairs" Especially curved and helical staircases bring special challanes to a staircase designer. We donĀ“t want to do what everyone else out there is doing so we have been working on innovative glass connection techniques, new finishes and unusual stair shapes for our latest designs. The above images gives you some examples. Visit our web site in English Siller Stairs, German Siller Treppen or Italian Siller Scale for more information and other insirational designs…

Modern style staircases do often have a floating look. As you can imagine… the treads do not really float. Stair buildings are using structural glass or hide fixations to let the stairs look like hanging in the air. Nevertheless it is a great feeling walking such a stair. These days stair designers are trying to combine funktionality with estetic beauty. So are we at Siller stairs. See for yourself on our web site “Modern Stairs Siller